How the construction sector supply chain will recover, reset & reinvent

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30 July 2020 12:00 - 13:00 BST

Webinar / Panel Discussion


Thursday 30 July 2020 at 12.00 – 13.00 BST

Our current times continue to create massive economic uncertainty, but also offer the construction supply chain the opportunity to play a central role in economic recovery and the chance to reconfigure and operate in a more resilient way in the medium and longer term.

In a short presentation followed by a discussion and Q&A over 60 minutes, HKA, Grant Thornton and DLA Piper will discuss options for new ways of working and the practicalities of making sustainable change across the sector, both in the near-term (Re-Set) and longer-term (Re-Invent).

Based on vast experience of international and domestic construction projects, HKA, Grant Thornton and DLA Piper will outline scenarios for change, examine the roles that different parts of the supply chain can assume, and provoke thought on how construction companies can remain productive and profitable whilst addressing this maelstrom of change.

Topics include:

  • How the supply chain may reconfigure itself to be more resilient
  • Increasing the use of risk assessment tools, including Digital Twins and other techniques
  • The practicalities of making off-site manufacture viable
  • The implications of on-site assembly of modular facilities
  • The role to be played by the client
  • How to share data and intellectual property in a way that is to the benefit of the whole supply chain
  • Legal considerations


Moderator and Panelists:

Moderated By:

Dale Evans, Chair, Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) – Dale is recognised globally as a leading figure in infrastructure, with a formidable track record which boasts driving better practice and improved performance across industry. He is the Chair of the UK’s Infrastructure Client Group (ICG), which works to improve the productivity of the construction sector and helps to deliver successful outcomes from investment in infrastructure.  Through the ICG, Dale has been instrumental in the development of Project 13 – an industry-wide change programme that aims to deliver better outcomes for the public and users of infrastructure networks.


Andrew Allen, HKA – Andrew is highly experienced consultant with a background in risk management, capital programme set-up and improvement, and financial control. He directs risk management advisory and consulting services to help HKA’s clients anticipate, analyse and resolve project, programme and portfolio challenges.


Will Rule, HKA – Will is a consultant who helps solve complex problems faced by organisations conceiving, developing and delivering major new asset developments across the infrastructure, buildings, and utilities sectors. With a background in engineering, construction law and finance, he provides advice on commercial issues, procurement and operational change.

Gary Forde, Grant Thornton – Gary is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 30 over years’ experience in the infrastructure sector. His expertise combines deep programme assurance, commercial and financial skills. He has an excellent understanding of the structure of the infrastructure sector having advised the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments and regulators on the structuring and commercial drivers facing different aspects of the industry.  He is experienced in advice spans the structuring of enhancement projects, economic regulation, public sector procurement, risk management, governance, assurance, business case development, and financial modelling.


David Moss, DLA Piper – David has 30 years’ experience providing legal advice to national governments, funders, developers, employers, contractors, specialist contractors and design teams. He advises on the legal contract administration of infrastructure projects, including the resolution of formal disputes. He has advised on many forms of standard and non-standard contracts and was involved in demonstration projects using the ECC (the predecessor to the NEC). He sits as an adjudicator, mediator and a member of Dispute Review Boards.

Event Details
Date & Time
30 July 2020 12:00 - 13:00 BST

Webinar / Panel Discussion


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