Colin Choi


Expert Information
Qualifications BS Engineering
BS Economics
Industries Financial Services, Power and Utilities, Production and Manufacturing
Regional Experience Americas
Expert Highlights
  • Widely experienced forensic accountant.
  • Proven as a credible expert witness under cross-examination.
  • Expertise spanning financial, accounting, and damages matters.
  • Industry experience from entertainment and consumer products to industrial, transportation, and professional services.

Colin Choi is a forensic accountant with almost 20 years of experience. He has been appointed as an expert and has assisted the named expert on more than 60 occasions.

Colin has testified in deposition and arbitration regarding damages and economic issues. He has supported clients and prepared experts and other witnesses for testimony across a range of disputed matters including intellectual property, construction, and government contracts.

Colin has worked across a wide variety of industries from entertainment, toys, and consumer electronics to financial services, oil and gas, transportation, semiconductors, and pharmaceuticals. His experience of the development and assessment of claims includes lost profits, lost wages, disgorgement of profits, reasonable royalty, and increased costs.

Colin’s expertise spans financial, accounting and damages matters ranging from intellectual property infringement related to consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices to antitrust violations, contract breaches and False Claims Act violations related to government contracts and construction disputes.  He has studied numerous accounting, economic and contractual issues in connection with “profit participation” matters. He also performs funds tracing analysis and other forensic accounting analysis related to financial fraud investigations.

Colin holds degrees in both engineering and economics. He has acted as a guest lecturer regarding the management of complex business transactions.

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