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Expert Information
Qualifications MSc Finance and Accounting
Chartered Financial Analyst
Professional Memberships CFA
Industries Environment and Climate Change, Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Production and Manufacturing, Real Estate and Tourism, Technology, Media and Telecoms
Regional Experience Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle East
Expert Highlights
  • CFA Charterholder.
  • Expertise in the quantification of damages.
  • Understanding of electricity and gas regulatory regimes applied in Europe.
  • Experience across diverse sectors such as oil & gas, mining, electricity, real estate, health insurance, agriculture, telecommunication.
  • Advises on disputes regarding bilateral investment treaties and commercial matters.
  • Bi-lingual in Czech and English. Working knowledge of French and Slovak.

Jana Lefranc is a Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder with more than 15 years of professional experience. She has lead teams supporting the named expert on more than 30 occasions.

“Jana is an excellent expert in damages, particularly in the field of investment arbitration” “No detail of the case escapes Jana” “Her attention to detail and the ability not to lose sight of the main themes in the arbitration go hand in hand”

WWL Arbitration Future Leaders – Expert Witnesses 2024

Jana has provided oral testimony in the Czech national courts and has led expert work on matters where the amount in dispute exceeded US$ 10 billion. She has advised large corporations as well as states on disputes brought before the ICSID, ICC and LCIA, under UNCITRAL, ICC and VIAC rules, related to commercial matters and on numerous bilateral investment treaty disputes.

Before joining HKA, Jana worked as a damages and contentious valuation expert at KPMG and Deloitte. In recent years, she has led teams on several electricity disputes concerning changes to the regulatory regime introduced by governments across Central Eastern Europe. These cases concerned both traditional electricity production, distribution and sale as well as renewable energy. Jana has managed cross-border teams on several gas disputes concerning both building and operating a distribution network, in countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Egypt. She has also worked on a large oil field case in Venezuela and several mining cases in Africa.

Jana specialises in the assessment of damages and complex valuation issues in litigation and international arbitration contexts. She is experienced in matters involving breaches of contract, investment treaty claims and transaction-related disputes.

Jana holds a master’s degree in finance and accounting and is a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute. She is fluent in Czech and English and has a working understanding of French and Slovak. She has undertaken Bond Solon expert witness training.

Jana Lefranc is a well-recognised name in the market who is highlighted for her quantum of damages and valuation expertise in high-value international disputes.

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Location: Paris, France

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