Mike Zollman


Expert Information
Qualifications BA Accounting
Industries Aerospace and Defence, Buildings, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Marine and Shipping, Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Production and Manufacturing, Real Estate and Tourism, Transportation Infrastructure
Regional Experience Americas
Expert Highlights
  • Widely experienced construction professional with both legal and accounting qualifications.
  • Proven as a credible expert witness under cross-examination.
  • Strong investigative and analytic skills.
  • Acts as both a delay and quantum expert.
  • Acted as expert for disputes with project values of up to $200 million.

Mike Zollman is a construction and project management professional with over 30 years of industry experience. He acts as an expert in matters of both delay and quantum and has been appointed on more than 50 occasions.

Mike has regularly provided expert testimony in both litigation and deposition. Based on his investigative and analytical work and his knowledge of contract law, he delivers expert reports and compelling presentations to address pertinent issues for settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Mike has provided management consulting, project assessments, project audits and claims services on a wide variety of projects including commercial, industrial, hospitality, and transportation. This experience, blended with his background in finance and accounting, provides a broad base of knowledge and experience that enables him to effectively evaluate liability, establish causation, quantify time and cost impacts, and determine the resulting damages.

Mike has significant expertise in completing project assessments involving fact-based, cause and effect claims analyses of delay, disruption and changes. He specializes in determining the proper factual and contractual basis for entitlement and the actual damages resulting from specific issues.

Mike Zollman is dual qualified in both accounting and law with a construction career that ranges from resolving construction claims and advising clients on dispute resolution matters to providing project management oversight.

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