Global collaboration at HKA

Global collaboration enables teams to operate continuously, irrespective of the time zone. At HKA, we have the opportunity to collaborate either by handing over work to another region at the end of the day or through secondment; delivering optimum results for our clients.

Many studies have found that collaboration is one of the key factors in a company’s success. It can improve the quality of work and create a positive culture, which in turn inspires innovation and encourages teamwork.

Visiting Melbourne recently, I met with three HKA staff who were transferred to Australia to work on a Claims project with the Australian team; Emaldeldin Sakr and Michael Berrigan from the Dubai office, and Chris Hunter from the Teesside office in the United Kingdom.

“It’s easy to transfer offices within HKA. In the four years I’ve been with the company, I’ve worked with different teams and in different locations. The specialist nature of Expert and Claims work leads to best HKA team being formed, often not bound by geography. We gain unparalleled experience by working in different countries and being exposed to a variety of projects and clients.” Emad said.

“I’ve been with HKA for five years and been on a few short stints around the world; working in India, South Africa, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain and now Australia.” Michael said.

“I made a career choice to work on bigger commissions and travel the world. HKA is perfect for this as you have the opportunity to work on large projects.” Chris added.

HKA has more than 960 staff located in 42 offices in 22 counties so the opportunity  to work in other locations appeals to a range of our employees.

“Working in the Middle East, there are more disputes on construction projects which has provided me with excellent experience in negotiating and managing relationships.” Emad explained.

According to the Eighth Annual Arcadis Global Construction Disputes Report 2018, the Middle East claims rose from US$56 million in 2016 to US$91 million in 2017. This reflects the scale of the construction programs being delivered in the region, with large projects typically carrying a higher dispute value.

Collaborating with a varied team provides diverse expertise and viewpoints that can make problem solving easier and faster.

“The benefit for clients is that when you work with HKA you get the A team which can include people from all over the world. We can dip into our large pool of specialist people to find the specific expertise needed. This improves our reputation in the market as we can mobilise quickly and pull together an international team of 20 people with right skill set. This strength of service we offer is seamless for the client.” Michael explained.

“We can work around the clock, 24/7; we can work on a matter all day in Australia and then go home and pass on our work to the team in the UK… it’s a simple formula that consists of teamwork, collaboration and meeting deadlines. We just get cracking together.” Chris added.

A career at HKA means you are not bound by location, instead you are encouraged to develop your knowledge and exposure by working with experts throughout our global network.


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