HKA sees over 60 expert witnesses listed in independent research firm Who’s Who Legal 2022 market analysis

HKA, a leading global consultancy in risk mitigation, dispute resolution, expert witness, and litigation support services, celebrates over 60 expert witnesses listed in independent market research firm Who’s Who Legal (WWL) 2022 analysis.

A total of 63 HKA experts feature in the firm’s analysis, up from 45 in 2021. WWL’s research further stakes HKA’s claim as a leading expert witness practitioner in the construction space, with a growing presence in forensic accounting and commercial damages markets.

WWL’s in-depth research highlights the leading experts and future leaders who stand out in the market for their exceptional work on quantum, delay and technical issues, damages assessments and asset valuations as well as their strong testifying experience.

The analysis brings together a variety of expert disciplines. HKA’s experts feature in three categories: Construction – Quantum, Delay and Technical as ‘Leading Firm’ in EMEA; Financial Advisory and Valuation – Quantum of Damages; and Forensic Accountants. HKA is also listed as a Leading Firm in Experts 2022 – Construction – Quantum, Delay and Technical – Future Leaders.

“It is humbling to see clients from around the world turn to HKA for trusted expert witnesses in the resolution of contentious construction and engineering project disputes. We are always striving to deliver added value for our clients, trying very hard to create a collaborative environment for our experts to excel and for our future experts to flourish, and WWL’s 2022 research provides evidence of our commitment to delivering best-in-class experts and services.

“We are further delighted to see our reputation grow significantly beyond our core construction industries and into the accounting and damages markets working across multiple industries. Forensic accounting and commercial damages are important growth areas for HKA as we strive towards providing the market with access to a selection of world-leading expert witnesses across a multi-disciplinary spectrum.”

Renny Borhan, Partner, Chief Executive Officer

HKA’s listed expert witnesses

Read what the market has to say about our WWL listed experts across Construction – Quantum, Delay and Technical, Financial Advisory, and Valuation – Quantum of Damages, and Forensic Accountants analyses.

Al Brown is “a passionate expert in his field” who is “immensely knowledgeable” and provides “easily digestible advice”.

Alex Currie is an “excellent communicator with a pragmatic approach” to “complex structural, technical and architectural issues”.

Angelica Boca has an “thorough understanding of the particularities of the construction market” and is noted for her “attention to detail, without losing the bigger picture”. See Angelica Boca’s HKA Expert profile.

Anthony Charlton is commended as “a real stand out expert” and “highly regarded amongst peers for his expansive knowledge covering forensic disputes in French and Belgian markets”.

Baoqiang Zheng is heralded as “one of the most experienced experts in China” whose “reliability and expertise place him in high demand”.

Bill Haggart is a “key name in the Middle East market” and renowned for his “deep expertise in social infrastructure and transport projects”.

Chris Spandau has a “prolific engineering background” and “impresses market commentators with his ‘ability to make complex matters readily understandable’”.

Chris Beirise has a “fantastic reputation” for his ability to “take complex concepts and distil them into an easy-to-understand narrative”. See Chris Beirise’s HKA Expert profile.

Colin Johnson “stands out as a key expert in valuation and quantum matters” impressing market commentators with his “authority and persuasiveness in disputes”.

Colin Russell is “outstanding in construction claims relating to additional costs arising from delayed works” and is “always willing to assist clients in highly technical issues”.

Dan Feinblum’s ability to “effectively communicate complicated delay analysis in simple terms establishes him as a clear leader in the field”.

Daniel Jackson is a “greatly appreciated expert who wins praise for his diligence as quantum expert and his specialist knowledge in infrastructure matters”.

Daniel Kwon is commended for his “adept ability to analyse complicated construction matters and present complex issues in a concise manner”.

David Atkinson is acclaimed as a “go-to expert with a significant following in the construction sector” with peers stating he is “hugely respected”.

David McIntyre “enjoys a stellar reputation for his prolific technical expert experience in large-scale construction litigation”.

Derek Nelson is heralded as “a powerhouse in construction disputes” according to commentators, who laud him as “one of the most experienced experts in the market”.

Dimitrios Tousiakis is commended by clients for his “flawless work and unmatched attention to detail” and is regarded as “one of the best to their practitioners across the globe”.

Doug Neville has “huge experience in technology- and construction-related arbitrations and litigations” in which “he clearly articulates his views and reasons”.

Duncan Grimshaw is “very approachable professional and methodical and provides complex analysis in an accessible and client friendly way” and has “faultless attention to detail”.

Edward Federico comes “highly recommended by peers and clients for his skill with construction litigation proceedings as he produces high quality analysis and effectively communicates his findings by making a complicated analysis easy to understand for the parties involved”.

Ekrem Kaya runs “a strong practice” distinguished by his “comprehensive and practical knowledge of big-ticket construction projects and technical expertise about power plants”.

Emyr Evans demonstrates to sources his “committed methodical and insightful approach to analysing issues” and “ability to always offer meaningful contributions”.

Franco Mastrandrea is revered for his “ability to synthesise large volumes of material” and commended as “one of the most experienced thinkers that can be found today in the quantum market”.

Frank J Giunta is an “eminent figure in the field of quantum and delay analysis and is renowned for his top-notch testimony on a variety of cases”.

Geoff Bewsey “deserves to be on this list” and is distinguished by his “written reports oral testimony and ability to work well with other experts in high stakes and high-profile disputes”. See Geoff Bewsey’s HKA Expert profile.

Gerry Brannigan is a favourite amongst clients, winning praise for his “availability, attention to detail, and concise communicative skills”.

Hamish Clark is described by respondents as “thorough, considered and punctual on delivery” with “an ability to focus on the key issues without losing sight of the smaller stuff”.

Haris Katostaras is commended for his “significant experience and attention to detail”.

Haroon Niazi is an “excellent expert with vast experience in KSA and the Middle East region”. He provides “the highest quality deliverables at all times”.

Helen Collie’s “attention to detail, personable approach and willingness to go the extra mile” makes her a favourite amongst clients.

Igor Corelj is applauded as “quite simply a true expert” who receives praise for his ability to “process vast amounts of data and present it in a concise manner”.

John Jones “excels in the construction market” thanks to his “clarity of thought, strong analysis and stellar reports”.

John McTyre maintains a “sterling reputation in the market” and is known for “drawing from an abundance of experience in renewable energy projects in Latin America”.

Jonathan Humphrey is an “absolute stand out in accounting and finances” and “impresses clients and peers with his due diligence and attention to detail”.

Karen Best draws praise from respondents, who commended her as “an excellent delay expert” whose attention to detail is unmatched. See Karen Best’s HKA Expert profile.

Kenneth R Baker is commended as an “ethical and honest expert” and is “highly regarded for his strategic expertise and thorough presentation skills in complex cases”.

Larry Smith is a “gifted engineer who truly takes pride in his detail orientated and thoughtful work”. He is described as a “tremendous and natural trial witness whom juries find extremely compelling”.

Maged Abdelsayed stands out for his ability to utilise a logical mindset when dealing with complex problems in order to “synthesise the issues and conclusions of his analysis for clients and the court”.

Mariusz Wiechec wins praise for his “effortless ability to put conclusions into a simple communicable format that stakeholders can understand”.

Mark Dixon is a “real heavyweight” whose work in “large and high valuable energy and oil and gas disputes is superb”. Sources say, “his reports are exceptionally well written clear and thorough reaching sensible results”.

Martin Hicks wins praise from market commentators for his ability to quickly grasp details in cases and “to look and think outside of the box while keeping it in the context of the case”.

Michael Tonkin is “very knowledgeable and sensible in his ideas”, rendering him “a safe pair of hands who delivers on-point, clear, practical reports”.

Michelle Metz receives extensive recommendations from peers and clients for her construction practice, with one source reporting that “her report settled the dispute, which I think would have otherwise run on for a long time”.

Nabil Al Tawil receives acclaim from clients for his position and analytical capacity when dealing with complex quantum matters.

Nader Emile is commended as being proactive with the ability to find creative solutions to problems face in negotiating delay matters.

Paul Cacchioli is “incredibly diligent and personable he is able to gracefully lead a team and be a team player as he tends to understand the issues straight away and communicates well with the team”.

Paul Pocalyko is well regarded by sources thanks to his dynamic expert witness practice, which encompasses quantum and delay assessments in construction, financial and forensic matters within corporate disputes.

Peter Caillard is renowned for his “rigorous and difficult analysis that holds up well under scrutiny”, according to sources who further add “he works well inside very difficult deadlines”.

Peter Vosbikian is a “top rated expert witness” who is “incredibly thorough in finding and pulling together many disparate pieces of information to construct a coherent analysis”.

Peter J Wallace stands out for his incisive approach to construction matters and is highly regarded for his outstanding work in multibillion dollar projects.

Richard Sieracki is a seasoned delay and damages expert in the construction market, where he is heralded for his specialist knowledge on power generation projects.

Roula Harfouche is heralded for her multilingual practice, which enables her to carry out outstanding work for her clients. Her peers described her as having “stand out knowledge of the space” and “years of rich international experience”.

Russell Bates is a “great delay expert” who “produces excellent reports” thanks to his 30 years’ experience in construction and engineering matters.

Scott Ramsden receives a plethora of endorsements for his deep expertise in quantum matters relating to high value construction projects in EMEA and APAC.

Scott D Hollingsworth is “amazingly knowledgeable in delay matters” according to peers who highlight his “responsiveness and ease of communication”.

Sue Kim receives widespread acclaim for “her excellent command of her skillset” which comprises a “practical mind and proactive approach” that appeals to tribunals.

Tanner Courier has a fantastic reputation for “representing his findings in a compelling manner” in court and is noted for his “exemplary work in CPM scheduling analysis and damage modelling”.

Timothy Harwin garners endorsements from interviewees for his “hands-on practical approach to very complex problems” as well as his “incredible preparation and calmness in the witness box”.

Tim Chitester has a “wealth of experience and quickly understands key issues”. Sources add that he is “technically proficient and very user friendly”.

Tom Kapapa is “a rare talent in Qatar” who is held in high esteem for his “commercial and strong understanding of clients’ ultimate goals and how to achieve them”.

Troy Dahlberg is a prominent name among peers who say, “he has built the credentials and reputation to stand out was the leading expert in the US on alter ego issues”.

Wayne DeFlaminis is a “knowledgeable consistent and diligent master” in the delay and disruption arenas. His analytical and writing skills are “top-notch”, sources add.

William A Cook is an outstanding civil engineer who is renowned for his exemplary schedule and delay analysis as well as damage valuations in multimillion dollar construction disputes.

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