Twenty-one HKA experts recognised in Who’s Who Legal’s Arbitration 2023 analysis

HKA, a leading global consultancy in risk mitigation, dispute resolution, expert witness, and litigation support services, celebrates 21 expert witnesses recognised in independent market research firm Who’s Who Legal (WWL) Arbitration 2023 analysis, including three Global Elite Thought Leaders, 17 Global Leaders, and one Future Leader.

WWL’s Arbitration 2023 research highlights experts that have distinguished themselves giving expert testimony on behalf of domestic and international clients operating across a diverse range of industries and sectors. As well as having 21 experts listed, HKA was also recognised as one of the leading firms for arbitration expert witnesses in EMEA, with five of our experts mentioned in the analysis summary.

Congratulations to our experts featured in WWL’s Arbitration 2023 analysis. Arbitration continues to be a popular alternative dispute resolution solution in the markets we serve, and for good reason.

We understand our clients’ desire to resolve complex disputes as efficiently as possible, so they can maximise their focus on delivering for their stakeholders. When you look at the fantastic feedback our experts receive as part of WWL’s arbitration research, you can see why they wholly deserve their recognition. They bring to life HKA’s commitment to making the best possible outcome for our clients, every time.

A sincere thank you to all our peers, clients and instructing lawyers who took the time to provide references and endorsements.

Renny Borhan, Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Global Elite Thought Leaders

Here’s what peers and clients had to say about our three Global Elite Thought Leaders.

Anthony Charlton takes a place among Europe’s most distinguished arbitration experts, thanks to his 30-plus years of outstanding work with damages claims, valuations and other forensic accounting briefs.

Jonathan Humphrey at HKA is described by sources as “reliable both in terms of deadlines and content”, with one respondent imparting that “you can feel at ease when working with Jonathan”.

Roula Harfouche gains impressive recommendations for her expert practice, with one source imparting that “Roula is one of the most impressive experts I have worked with in over a decade in the industry”.

Global Leaders

Here’s what peers and clients had to say about our 16 Global Leaders.

Baoqiang Zheng: “Baoqiang is one of the most experienced experts in China”, “He is always in high demand”, “He is very reliable and my go-to expert”, “He works meticulously and pays attention to every detail”, “He is able to provide very practical solutions”.

Colin Johnson: “Colin provides practical explanations in his reports”, “He is very easy to communicate with”, “Colin is able to distil complex accounting and valuation principles into clear language, which plays well with tribunals”.

Colin Russell: “Colin is very impressive and produces thorough reports”, “He can easily explain highly technical issues to clients”.

David Atkinson: “David has an incredible appetite for detail”, “He is a very sharp operator in terms of processing large quantities of information in quick time”, “He is extremely responsive and calm”.

David McIntyre: “David McIntyre is extremely responsive – he takes things on board and turns them around very quickly”, “He has real in-depth knowledge of a range of industries”, “David is very bright and to the point”.

Doug Neville: “Doug has huge experience in technology- and construction-related arbitrations and litigations”, “He clearly articulates his views and reasons”.

Ekrem Kaya: “Ekrem has deep knowledge and experience on projects and claims”, “He has outstanding communication skills”, “Ekrem presents his evidence in a very clear way”.

Emyr Evans: “Emyr Evans is an excellent expert”, “He is very knowledgeable and professional”, “Emyr is a really smart and experienced practitioner”.

Franco Mastrandrea: “Franco is a top guy – I would highly recommend him”, “He is quite simply the best quantum expert in the UK”, “He’s very bright and, from his experience sitting as an arbitrator, he knows what tribunals want”.

Hamish Clark: “Hamish provides constant support and availability throughout rapid and highly pressured negotiations”, “Hamish has first-rate technical ability”, “He has a real ability to articulate clearly”.

Mark Castell: “He is very accommodating yet professional, calm and composed”, “Mark has the ability to cover a very wide range of evidence in a short amount of time”, “He is very thorough and reliable”.

Mark Dixon: “Mark is great at narrowing the issues”, “He brings good legal as well as technical knowledge”, “He is an excellent expert witness and/or adjudicator”.

Martin Hicks: “Martin has the ability to distil complex analyses into easily digestible formats”, “He is diligent, smart, detailed, and personable”, “Martin provides a very thorough analysis but also makes it understandable to a non-expert reader – a rare quality”.

Michael Tonkin: “Michael provides sensible and practical advice”, “He is a go to quantum expert”, “He really understands arbitration and the role of an expert”.

Tim Harwin: “Timothy’s greatest strength is his ability to impart his knowledge in simple, clear and understandable terms”, “He patiently explains and assists in providing the best approach”, “Timothy has the ability to quickly grasp key issues”.

Tom Kapapa: “Tom has a lot of experience in disputes, both in Qatar and internationally”, “He is very thorough and great with the details”, “Tom is a delight to work with and extremely user friendly”.

Troy Dahlberg: “Troy is an excellent expert witness”, “He has a wealth of experience that leads to him having a quick command of complicated fact patterns”, “Troy’s work is consistently thorough”.

Future Leader

Andrew Drennan: “His reports are well reasoned and persuasive”, “He has a deep understanding of the issues at hand”, “Andrew was committed to the tight time frame and delivered a properly assembled final product”.

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