HKA tops list of world’s leading construction expert witnesses for the sixth successive year

HKA has consolidated its position as the world’s leading consultancy in risk mitigation and dispute resolution.

In the 2022 global Who’s Who Legal (WWL) analysis of expert witnesses in construction, HKA again emerges as the top firm. For the sixth successive year, HKA has more expert witnesses commended by the marketplace for their exceptional work across the construction industry than any other consultancy worldwide.

The WWL Construction Expert Witnesses 2022 analysis involves months of research, canvassing and evaluating the opinions of law firm clients and construction experts from around the world. It is an authoritative international guide to expert advisers and witnesses on quantum, delay and disruption, and damages, as well as forensic technical issues in major construction arbitration and litigation. 

HKA remains the foremost firm in its field, with a world-leading 46 experts, including eight future leaders, drawn from its offices in America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. 

Renny Borhan, HKA’s Partner and Chief Executive Officer, said: “I’m delighted to see HKA top the 2022 Who’s Who Legal Construction Expert Witnesses analysis again this year. Having 46 experts featured from our offices around the world endorses the outstanding work undertaken by our quantum, delay, technical and damages analysts on some of the world’s largest and most complex construction dispute projects.

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“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our peers, clients, and instructing lawyers who took the time to provide references and endorsements for our experts.”

Renny Borhan, Partner & CEO

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our peers, clients, and instructing lawyers who took the time to provide references and endorsements for our experts. Enormous congratulations to our Global Leaders and Future Leaders for their commitment and this excellent recognition.

“This validates their professional standing and reputation in the industry, the outstanding services they provide to clients and the expertise they demonstrate on complex dispute matters,” added Renny.

Hear what Peers and Clients say about HKA’s global leaders recognised in this year’s Construction Expert Witnesses Analysis 

Franco Mastrandrea (Global Elite) “Franco is definitely one of the top quantum experts for any large, complicated project.” “He is masterful in his testimony.” “He gives strategic advice that is well balanced and incorporates practical, legal, and technical considerations.”

Maged Abdelsayed “Maged ensures immaculate drafting of work and soundness of the conclusions in his expert reports or claims.” “His great experience as a construction claim expert has earned the respect of his peers.” “He is practical and is able to propose and explore pragmatic solutions to complex problems.”

Nabil Al Tawil “Nabil has a huge wealth of construction experience.” “He is very much focused on client care and delivering the best outcomes for his clients.” “He is very knowledgeable and liked by everyone.”

David Atkinson “He is able to distil a large number of very complex programming issues into a few crisp points.” “He has a deep understanding of delay analysis and is able to identify and analyse the causes of delay on a project clearly and concisely.”

Kenneth Baker “Kenneth is a smart and seasoned construction expert.” “He provides strategic consulting expertise to his clients.”

Russell Bates “Russell has the impressive ability to produce clear and concise reports dealing with complex technical and factual issues.” “He produces clear and compelling reports that are ultimately preferred by the tribunal.”

Christopher Beirise “Christopher is a much-respected and highly skilled expert.” “He is a well-established name in the market.” “He is able to take complex concepts and distil them into an easy-to-understand story.”

Geoff Bewsey “Geoff definitely deserves to be on the list!” “He is an outstanding construction expert.”

Peter Caillard “Peter is methodical, diligent and exceptionally smart.” “He is an outstanding expert and his reports are well written and focused.” “Peter is an excellent engineer and handles himself very well under pressure.

Anthony Charlton “Anthony has a true knowledge of the construction market.” “He is a very knowledgeable and highly experienced expert.”

Timothy Chitester “Timothy brings a wealth of experience to clients’ construction matters.” “He is a technically skilled construction expert.” “Mr Chitester quickly understands key issues and is very intelligible.”

Hamish Clark “Hamish is technically competent with the ability to explain matters in a clear fashion.” “He has an ability to focus on the key issues but without losing sight of the ‘smaller’ stuff.” “I was impressed by his thoroughness and responsiveness.”

William A Cook “William is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the construction industry.” “He is very skilled at presenting his findings in an understandable and persuasive fashion.”

Alex Currie “Alex has deep industry knowledge.” “He is a highly articulate expert who does not get flustered.” “Mr Currie is a genuinely helpful expert who considers all avenues in forming and reaching his opinion.”

Mark Dixon “Mark is the best quantify surveyor quantum expert I have ever worked with.” “He has very strong analytical skills and the ability to present the material in a clear and very ordered manner.” “He is very responsive and professional, always maintaining his independence.”

Emyr Evans “He has an excellent ability in analysing complex construction claims.” “Emyr is easy to work with, responsive and thorough.” “He is transparent, impartial and objective.” “He is very meticulous and takes great care.”

Frank GiuntaFrank’s depth of analysis is incredibly impressive.” “He is a highly efficient and strategic construction expert.” “Frank is excellent in all areas.”

Bill Haggart “Bill is a truly great technical expert.” “He has become a go-to guy in the region.”

Scott Hollingsworth “Scott is a go-to schedule delay expert.” “He is excellent with clients and provides top-flight analysis.” “He is incredibly knowledgeable with respect to delay and disruption claims.”

Jonathan Humphrey “I don’t use anyone other than Jonathan as an expert witness in relation to business losses.” “His reports are comprehensive, technical and written at a very high standard.” “Jon is highly proactive, really easy to work with and knows forensic accounting inside out.”

Tom Kapapa “Tom is extremely knowledgeable and keeps a very cool head under pressure.” “He has a gift for explaining complex concepts clearly for those less initiated.” “He is highly skilled at persuading people with logic and reason.”

Ekrem Kaya “He has practical knowledge of big-ticket construction projects.” “Mr Kaya brings impressive technical expertise regarding power plant issues to cases.” “Ekrem has a strong practice and network in the space.”

David McIntyre “He is extremely skilled, very responsive and accessible – a true expert.” “David possesses a very high standard of technical expertise and delivers quality reports.” “He is extremely exceptional.”

John McTyre “He is very knowledgeable and draws from an abundance of experience in renewable energy projects in Latin America.” “John’s analyses are excellent.” “He is conscientious and deliberate in proceedings.”

Michelle Metz “She works well with clients and handles relationship management very well.” “Her reports really get into the detail and are incredibly well written.”

Derek Nelson Derek has remarkable clarity of thought and expression.” “He has an excellent sense of how the expert issues fit within the overall case.” “In giving oral evidence and under cross-examination, he is clear, precise and assured.”

Doug Neville “Doug’s reports are well drafted, and he excels at presenting his ideas verbally.” “He handles his opposing expert incredibly well.” “Mr Neville is an expert with huge experience in the construction field.”

Haroon Niazi Haroon is a very experienced quantum expert, especially in the Middle East region.” “He is very detail oriented and provides the highest-quality deliverables at all times.” “He is an excellent expert.”

Paul Pocalyko “Paul is an excellent advocate who is highly knowledgeable and comprehensive in his approach.” “He is simply amazing regarding a range of construction matters, from testimonies to depositions.” “Paul is thorough, creative, prompt and highly effective.”

Scott Ramsden His analysis of the issue to-hand is always clear.” “He is skilled at presenting complex concepts in an easily digestible way.”

Richard Sieracki “Richard’s industry experience is unmatched.” “He is always timely in his work on complex matters.” “Mr Sieracki is a highly responsive expert.”

Colin Russell “Colin is very responsive and easy going throughout cases.” “He stays calm under pressure as an expert.” “A trustworthy and knowledgeable expert.”

Larry Smith “Mr Smith brings great attention to detail, thoughtfulness and honesty to matters.” “Larry is a gifted engineer who truly takes pride in his work.” “He is a tremendous trial witness.”

Chris Spandau “He is an expert of the highest calibre.” “Chris completes his assignments in a timely fashion and is very responsive and thorough.” “I have been impressed with his high level of academic and practical experience.”

Michael Tonkin “Mr Tonkin is an incredibly reliable expert who never needs to be chased.” “His strength comes from his approach as a constructive realist.” “Michael takes his work seriously and is always available and helpful.”

Dimitrios Tousiakis “His methodical approach is incredibly helpful to lawyers depending on delay analysis.” “His written work is on point, and it saves hours of time.” “He is always willing to go the extra mile.”

Peter Wallace “Peter is a seasoned and experienced expert who focuses on the details and issues that matter.” “He is very experienced and knowledgeable about the construction industry.” “He is very professional and thorough in his approach.”

Wayne DeFlaminis “Wayne is highly knowledgeable, consistent and diligent regarding delay and disruption matters.” “He possesses excellent analytical and communication skills.” “He is very thorough, knowledgeable and well prepared.” “Wayne is very analytical and detail-oriented.”

Hear what Peers and Clients say about HKA’s future leaders recognised in this year’s Construction Expert Witnesses Analysis 

Igor Corelj “Igor puts in enormous effort to ensure his work is flawless and has no vulnerabilities to attack from the opposing side.” “Igor is quite simply a true expert who is reliable and consistent.” “Once sure of his work, Igor persuasively presents it and anticipates reactions to it from the opposition.”

Tanner Courrier “He is highly efficient, very credible and always accurate.” “Tanner possesses the ability to develop meaningful analysis from raw data provided.” “He has an excellent eye for detail.”

Ed Federico “Ed is a consummate professional.” “He takes pride in his work product, is passionate about helping his clients and has genuine interest in the subject matter.” “Mr Federico brings strong communication and collaboration skills to matters.”

Dan Feinblum “Dan is thorough in his analysis, taking into account what opposing experts are likely to argue and addressing such arguments before they are made.” “He is effective at finding any potential holes in his opinion and patching them in advance of deposition.”

Timothy Harwin “Timothy is the best delay expert we have worked with.” “He is always our first choice.” “He is meticulous, independent and an excellent forensic programmer.” “Timothy is able to provide expert views in a concise and clearly understandable manner.”

Daniel Jackson “Daniel brings flexibility in finding solutions and kindness in dealing with various arguments.” “He has a brilliant thought process that allows him to grasp the wider context of matters at a quick pace, which help create a solid strategy.”

John Jones “John handles complex construction disputes excellently.” “He is very measured and realistic regarding the outcome.” “He is clear and analytical with regard to disputes.”

Mariusz Wiechec “Mariusz ensures thorough expert analysis of cases.” “We are most impressed by his ability to present findings in simple communicable formats for stakeholders.” “His intellectual capacity, experience, speed of analysis and graphical presentations surpass 90 per cent of experts in the market.”

HKA experts help to resolve disputes in expert determination, mediation, adjudication, arbitration, and litigation. Experienced as party or tribunal appointed experts, the firm’s experts can advise and, if needed, give evidence under cross-examination – including concurrent ‘hottubbing’ – in jurisdictions worldwide. Find all our subject matter experts in our comprehensive Expert Centre.

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