New developments in contract terminations

Federal Publications Seminars teamed up with HKA to provide this excellent podcast on Contract Terminations. Using their experiences and knowledge, Greg Bingham and John S. Chesbro, Jr. walks listeners through the terminations process and recovery.

The most important thing to remember in a termination for convenience of commercial services or products is that the contractors were entitled to recover a percentage of the contract price reflecting the percentage of work completed prior to the notice of termination – plus reasonable charges caused by the termination.

John S. Chesbro, Principal, HKA

In this Federal Publications Seminars podcast HKA’s Greg Bingham and John S. Chesbro discuss contract terminations.   Over the past 12-18 months during the change in the administration and the pandemic a number of high profile events happened that caused a number of somewhat unexpected terminations.  As a contractor, you have certain rights and obligations you must be acutely aware of including the stoppage of work and documenting your inventory.  Greg and John will discuss what happens and how to recover from such a termination.  

Terminations are unique enough that contractors don’t see them every day. I have been in numerous meetings with the contractor and 20 people in the room and they just got a contract terminated and they are not sure how to deal with it…. This is why the regulations are written to make professional services costs allowable as part of a termination.

Greg Bingham, Partner, HKA

Listen to the full podcast here:

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