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Society of Construction Law Turkey – SCL Talks: with Benjamin Highfield, Partner & Head of Asia, HKA

27th July 2021


Top Causes of Claims and Disputes in Construction and Infrastructure Projects.

Following the Society of Construction Law Turkey launch event on May 25, 2021, the SCL has compiled a series of interviews with leading professionals in the field of construction law. Episode 3 hosts Benjamin Highfield of HKA

Currently we are seeing a lot of cost claims arising out Covid-19 pandemic related delays. These are observed as prolongation, suspension, demobilization, remobilization, and loss of productivity claims. Time claims have been relatively easy to settle as employers have the tendency to award an extension of time due to impacts of the pandemic, however, cost claims appear to be taking longer to resolve because employers are inclined to compensate contractors for several reasons, including but not limited to, lack of liquidity in the market. There are lots of insolvency and inter JV or consortium disputes as well. In addition to Covid-19 related claims, Benjamin shared some critical findings from HKA’s CRUX survey about top causes of claims and disputes in construction projects with a particular focus on Turkish Contractors and their approach to resolving disputes in projects.

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