Dispute Resolution & Risk Mitigation in Chicago

HKA is a market leader in dispute resolution and risk mitigation in Chicago. We’ve helped our clients resolve complex disputes and have experience in all industries and sectors.

Chicago has highly competitive Finance, Manufacturing and Healthcare markets, which puts HKA in a great position to assist you. We work closely with our clients to resolve disputes in a timely manner.

Our expertise spans legal, technical, commercial and industrial sectors. We’ve established a proven track record for helping clients manage risk, disputes and uncertainty effectively.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact HKA and our team will get back to you.

Our Chicago Experts

Our team of Chicago dispute resolution experts have experience across various fields, including construction and engineering, power and utilities, oil and gas, real estate, tourism, sports, and buildings.

As a global consultancy with a presence in multiple locations, HKA is committed to providing our clients with access to the most seasoned consultants and experts across the world. We emphasise the importance of working collaboratively, forming strong working relationships by offering a steady hand with thoughtful analysis and consultancy.

Our team of experts have provided the following services on disputes:


Engineering and Construction Quantum
Delay and Disruption Analysis
Forensic Engineering, Architectural and Technical
Forensic Accounting and Investigations
Commercial Damages and Valuation
Government Contracts


Claims Management Services
Claims Governance
Dispute Avoidance


Infrastructure and Capital Projects


HKA’s pool of expert witnesses and advisers is multidisciplinary, with practical experience of every major industry:


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