About Amri Denton

Amri has extensive and varied public and private sector contracts and procurement experience at a senior leadership level. A result-oriented executive, he is skilled in developing complex commercial strategies and contracts in often challenging stakeholder environments. Experienced and qualified in engineering and procurement, he has proficiency across the entire infrastructure project lifecycle and in operational and maintenance environments.

Amri is a skilled procurement leader involved in multiple contractual requirements up to multi-billion GBP/AUD in value and ranging in scope from engineering design, construction, asset maintenance, M&E systems, event management, service operations and a broad range of professional services. He is particularly proficient in establishing and managing NEC contracts, with working knowledge and detailed reviews of multiple other forms of contract. He is experienced in public and private sector procurement with sound knowledge of construction contract law and probity, industry engagement, tendering procedures, contract establishment and contract management.

What is your role at HKA?

I help clients get better value for money from their infrastructure investment projects and programmes. This means continually engaging with industry and understanding the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in order to help clients develop tailored commercial strategies to achieve their objectives and desired outcomes.

I’m also responsible for developing people and helping them respond effectively to client needs. I try to understand their strengths and aspirations to help them build a fulfilling career.

“Growing up, I had a talent for art; I was a graphic designer right out of high school, designing t-shirts in the Caribbean. My aptitude for drawing made me want to be an architect, and upon further studying building professions, engineering seemed a good choice as it blended my art and maths skills. I still draw caricatures and the like in my spare time.”

What do you love about what you do?

I’m passionate about people. From my HKA team and colleagues to seeing clients satisfied, through to what clients are trying to deliver for their communities, people are at the centre. I was in a client organisation for a long time, therefore even as a consultant, I still can’t help putting myself in the clients’ shoes and feeling their sense of long-term ownership.

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