About David Hull

David is a business executive with over 25 years of professional services experience, specialising in operations, business development, growth and strategy, and major infrastructure program delivery. His multi-functional expertise underpins inclusive and comprehensive leadership, resulting in more informed decisions and a greater positive impact for clients.

David provides strategic advice to clients related to the full project lifecycle, specialising in major program and project delivery, leadership, governance, risk, performance, and collaborative contracting. He co-develops and executes effective strategies in complex and competitive environments, generating sustained growth and profitability and increasing business resilience.

What is your role at HKA?

I am the Queensland business lead, supporting transformative initiatives across the HKA’s Asia Pacific business. I’m passionate about people, particularly building, creating, developing and leading high-performing teams, so this is a key part of my role, as is creating inclusive and diverse environments where people can be themselves and thrive.

“I am committed to service delivery excellence, client and stakeholder centricity, and catalysing innovation. I strive to create inclusive, thriving environments for the teams and clients I serve and lead with inspiration, galvanising commitment to achieving business goals.”

What do you love about what you do?

In the infrastructure industry, I’ve been able to scope up and lead teams, delivering large-scale infrastructure projects with significant purpose. I love seeing how this connects communities and can correct displacements that occur through the natural development of our cities and towns.

Seeing people lean in and engage in a business through opportunities also gives me great enjoyment and satisfaction. I love co-creating strategies that enable transformation to occur. Making businesses great places to work, problem solving and drawing on the skills in a team is what makes people show up.

I believe businesses and industry have to work harder at finding their purpose, so a strategic lens galvanising people together is critical in helping businesses find their purpose for what should be/has to be a positive impact in the world. I want to make positive change, helping people find their why and connecting them to company purpose.

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