About Mike

Mike is qualified in Project and Enterprise Management with a breadth of practical experience in project delivery and project performance. A proficient communicator, Mike is highly skilled in stakeholder engagement and prioritising and leading multidisciplinary teams in major construction and infrastructure environments. His detailed project performance analysis has enabled him to establish, sustain and streamline teams and contracts on mega projects, including Crossrail in the UK and Sydney Metro in Australia.

Mike oversees HKA’s numerous roles on Integrated Delivery teams, where his team manages all contract variations on behalf of clients. Mike and his team work side-by-side with stakeholders to successfully deliver projects in line with contract requirements. They address economic, environmental and social challenges whilst meeting community expectations through working on the ground directly with client teams.

What is your role at HKA?

I’m the contract and relationship manager for some of HKA’s largest delivery contracts. I’m responsible for ensuring that delivery solutions employed across all engagements utilise proven project management philosophies while remaining responsive to each unique situation. In addition, I sit on Supervisory boards, Senior Leadership Groups, Gateway and Assurance Review Panels.

I’m also responsible for creating the team dynamic and delivery culture, supporting individuals in their client-side and personal development pursuits.

I’m passionate about the future of infrastructure and how it can influence the development of cities and cultures and how they contribute to positively shaping the future of transport and precinct development.

What do you love about what you do?

I love seeing something being built from the ground up and creating something that future generations can use, and I can be proud to look back on. I also like being able to support the facilitation of people, place and migration.

My role provides exposure to different people with varied experiences and backgrounds, and I like creating a cohesive team that comes together to bring a client’s vision to life. Our diversity in team/company and what it can bring to a world where multimodal infrastructure and its ever-growing tie with precinct and place means we are well-placed to offer front, middle and end-of-project services. 

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