About Lorna

With over ten years of experience working in challenging and complex programs and mega projects across the UK and Australia, Lorna has gained invaluable organisational and leadership skills.
Lorna operates in the niche space between strategy and implementation and is able to translate complex and sometimes abstract strategies into practical and communicable implementation pathways. She has a natural ability to build long-lasting relationships, which she can leverage to access multi-disciplinary expertise and perspectives and enable well-informed decision-making. Through these skills, she has earned a reputation for implementing effective tools, resolving complex issues and promoting best-for-project outcomes within diverse and challenging environments.

Currently supporting Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport as a Senior Project Manager of Integration, Lorna works across multi-disciplinary teams at all management levels to effectively achieve and communicate collaborative and integrated best-for-project outcomes that concurrently protect the interests of Sydney Metro.

What do you love about what you do?

A wise colleague of mine once asked me, “what is your why?” A hard question that requires a simple answer, a question that has echoed in my mind ever since. On lots (and lots) of self-reflection, my reason for doing what I do and the joy I get from it is multi-dimensional and always comes back to the opportunity to learn and teach and enjoy the people I am surrounded by.

The beauty of our industry is that it is ever-changing, with new challenges on the horizon that offer an abundance of opportunities to seek knowledge, learn new skills and gain new perspectives. Tapping into that for professional growth and achievement, for myself, peers, and clients, gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

However, we spend the majority of our lives surrounded by the people we work with. They keep us going in the face of challenges, make us laugh when we’re sad, celebrate the wins with us and boost us when we need it most. Projects require the combined effort of teams, so ultimately, we are reliant on the people around us, and they are on us, to successfully deliver projects. For me, these meaningful connections, combined with a deep sense of camaraderie, foster a commitment to turn up for my team so we can achieve a shared purpose together.

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