Roddy Wilkie


Expert Information
Qualifications BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
Professional Memberships CEng, Eur Ing, FEI, ACIArb. MAE
Services Technical
Sectors Buildings, Industrial & Manufacturing, Power & Utilities
Expert Highlights
  • Over 100 appointments as technical expert
  • Proven as an expert under cross-examination.
  • Over 39 years practicing as a mechanical, process, power and energy engineer.
  • Extensive experience of fuels and combustion and combustion appliances
  • Appointed in cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • A particular specialism in chimneys and flues.
  • Knowledgeable in the storage, handling and combustion of biomass fuels.

Roddy is a Chartered Engineer with over 39 years of experience in the construction and engineering industries. He is a widely-experienced mechanical, process, power and energy engineer and has acted as a technical expert on more than 100 occasions.

Roddy is an acclaimed technical expert and has been cross-examined at both litigation and in arbitral tribunals. He has prepared many reports to assist in the resolution of disputes and hearings both in the UK and overseas. Notable appointments include sampling and analysis of degraded shipment of coal, phenol contamination in large process brewery, malperformance of paper machine cloth (PMC) machine, technical interpretation of energy sales agreement between power plant and steel mill, failure of biomass energy plant flue system and malperformance of industrial steam boiler plant burning biomass fuel (agricultural residue).

Roddy has considerable experience in the combustion of solid, liquid, gaseous and biomass fuels in furnaces, incinerators, boilers and other combustors as well as carbon monoxide poisoning due to incomplete combustion. His power generation background includes reciprocating and rotating plants, from small industrial applications to large merchant power plants.

Roddy’s engineering experience relates to survey, investigative and troubleshooting types of work alongside design, installation, project engineering and project management. He has been involved with a vast range of industrial and power related projects across Asia and Europe. These range from power generation, CCGTs and renewable energy to production processes, industrial works and waste.

Roddy is a fellow of the Energy Institute and a European Engineer. Clients say that, “Roddy is extremely competent and experienced.” “He is able to pitch his knowledge at the appropriate level for his audience” and that he is “very organised in presenting explanations and opinions of the technical issues using different media such as schematic simulations.”

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Location Glasgow, UK

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