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The prospect of a fair and successful outcome in any significant dispute can only be maximised with expert insight and impartial advice that are grounded in experience.

Our services

Our people draw on expertise accumulated over many years resolving even the most complex and intractable disputes across multiple industries and countries. That track record underpins HKA’s high standing in the Who’s Who Legal analyses of global practitioners in arbitration, construction expert witnesses, and litigation – and in Global Arbitration Review’s 100 Expert Witness Power Index

As well as specialists in most technical disciplines, our experts can call on in-house skills in delay analysis, data science, digital, commercial management, and other fields.

Our people also combine analytical rigour with presentational and soft skills to clarify complicated issues and facilitate the process of resolving disputes.

Given our worldwide bank of capabilities and experience, we can match an expert or multi-disciplinary team for the vast majority of disputes, whatever the industry, location, language, jurisdiction – or forum:

Why HKA?

HKA is a leading global consultancy specialising in dispute resolution and litigation support for dispute forum and international arbitration.

The dispute resolution and litigation support services we offer are truly global – spanning jurisdictions, all types of dispute forum and process, and the legal-technical divide.


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