Arbitration is an alternate dispute resolution method that offers an effective alternative to litigation, saving time, cost and aggravation on both sides – and it is also private. The parties jointly select their arbitrator, whose award is legally binding and enforceable in the courts. Unlike in most types of adjudication, the arbitrator has the power to ascertain factors and order costs.

How can our arbitration expert witnesses help you?

Our highly experienced arbitration consultants, well-honed procedures and diplomatic approach help clients resolve disputes outside the courtroom.

We provide a full managed arbitration service in accordance with the arbitration agreement.

Our arbitration expert witness services include:

  • Guidance and advice through each step of the arbitration process: timescales, procedural rules and matters, submissions, roles and responsibilities of those involved
  • Advice on key appointments: arbitrators, counsel and expert witnesses
  • Organisation of hearing venues and transcription services
  • Advice on witnesses of fact and witness statements
  • Fact and expert witnesses
  • Review and explanation of award.

Globally recognised international arbitration expert witnesses

HKA has 37 expert witnesses recognised in independent market research firm Who’s Who Legal (WWL) Arbitration 2023 analysis, including five Global Elite Thought Leaders, 27 Global Leaders, and five Future Leaders. WWL Arbitration 2024 research identifies the world’s leading arbitration expert witnesses and future leaders worldwide, who rank prominently among their clients and peers for their exceptional work providing written and oral testimony in contentious proceedings.  

We also pride ourselves on our thought leadership and knowledge sharing with industry stakeholders and have a long history of hosting seminars and workshops in association with general counsel and leading law firms all over the world.


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