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As several areas of concern present themselves within the real estate field, developers, occupants, contractors and various other stakeholders face complex disputes. From the commercial sector’s struggles with hybrid and remote working, to higher capital and building costs during a time of economic uncertainty, numerous parties are feeling the strain.

Post-pandemic flexibility is required, however, this is hard to achieve whilst the world attempts to ride out economic cycles and significant swings in the market. Furthermore, with increasing sustainability concerns and extreme weather causing widespread damage and disruptions, the sector is facing challenges with conflict.

How our real estate expert witness service can help

HKA expert witnesses provide impartial evidence on dispute matters within the real estate sector. Their years of technical and commercial expertise mean that they’re able to decode the complex nature of real estate disputes, no matter the size or intricacy.

Our experts can also produce detailed and robust reports based on thorough analyses that summarise the facts of the dispute. These reports are easily understood by both the court and the tribunal. Furthermore, our experts add credibility to testimony in court through clear and effective communication. The assistance of a real estate expert witness can help provide clarity in complexity, helping you to resolve claims and disputes in a robust and equitable manner.

Our team of real estate expert witnesses

As a global firm that operates in over 45 locations worldwide, HKA has access to the most experienced real estate experts. We’re able to provide you with the most suitable, skilled and knowledgeable experts who have years of experience working on complex and challenging real estate disputes, including quantum, delay, engineering, architectural and technical, forensic accountants and investigations, and commercial damages and valuation.

Furthermore, the HKA real estate team has been recognised by Who’s Who Legal, further solidifying our global reputation within the industry. Having worked on various high-level real estate conflicts, they possess the expertise and knowledge to resolve a wide range of cases.

Leverage the specialised skills, in-depth knowledge, and valuable industry insights of our experts. 

We have an extensive track record in helping clients to resolve cases and disputes in all industries. This includes construction and engineering, energy and natural resources, infrastructure and real estate, to tourism, life sciences, media and technology, and financial and professional services.

Our consultants specialise in the following areas:


Engineering and Construction Quantum
Delay and Disruption Analysis
Forensic Engineering, Architectural and Technical
Forensic Accounting and Investigations
Commercial Damages and Valuation
Government Contracts


Claims Management Services
Claims Governance
Dispute Avoidance


Infrastructure and Capital Projects


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