Meeting basic needs

Meeting basic needs

About the Cause

We believe in supporting causes that give afford everyone the basic needs they need to thrive – food, clean water, shelter and an education.

This is why we regularly support causes that make the world a safer and happier place for all.

Here’s a selection of causes we’ve supported!

2021 Ramadan charitable donations

HKA Middle East proudly donated funds to support two most noteworthy charities within the joyful month of Ramadan. 100 Million Meals is the biggest food drive in the region that aims to provide 100 million meals for disadvantaged individuals and families in 20 countries during the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan of Hope charity is aptly named ‘Qatar Charity’ and the campaign is ‘Ramadan of Hope’, aiming to benefit circa. 600,000 people in debt, low income families, works and expatriates in Qatar via various projects.

The Capital Area Food Bank

The Capital Area Food Bank is the anchor of the hunger relief infrastructure, providing more than 45 million meals to people in communities across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. They not only provide food for today, but Capital Area Food Bank addresses the root causes of hunger by partnering with organizations that provide critical services like job training programs and health care.

What we did

HKA colleagues John McTyre, Katherine Baron Martinez and JoAnn Coleman, participated in a Washington Building Congress volunteer day event on February 24. They bagged food for those in need at the Capitol Area Food Bank in Washington, D.C.


Fields of Life

Fields of Life partners with communities in the world’s poorest regions to build hope and transform lives. The charity is a non-denominational Christian International Development organisation with twenty five years’ experience working in East Africa, working with partners to provide sustainable community development.

What we did

HKA was delighted to pledge its support and make a donation as part of a client team (Spartan Team – Allianz, Berwick Law, BLD law firm and Stephen Hodges) to co-fund a clean water well. The well is in Rembe, a very remote and impoverished area of Northern Uganda, supplying 41 households with clean and safe water in close proximity to their homes.

Kiden Italian, a resident of Rembe village, said: “We were fetching water from Gbongatulu borehole, around 2km from Rembe. It is crowded as it’s used by people from other villages. Owing to the distance, some people abandon their jerry cans on the road, hoping to return, but many suffer from fatigue, chest and neck pains. It would take around four hours to bring water back to Rembe.

“We are now very happy that water is nearby. The fatigue we suffered is no longer a concern – the water is plenty. Thank you for bringing the borehole near us. May God reward and bless you abundantly.”


Paul Mansell said: “Our HKA team has been working with our client Allianz Insurance, the legal teams of Berwick Law (UK) and BLD (Germany) and a technical expert, Stephen Hodges) for around 6 years.

“The team decided to leave a positive legacy from our time working together in the form of a permanent water facility for a village in Uganda, and we were delighted to see the difference it has made.”


Water for People

Water For People is a global non-profit that helps people bring clean water and sanitation solutions to their communities for generations to come.

What we did

Colleagues in the Washington, D.C. office recently participated in Water for People’s Hike-A-Thon Fundraiser at Rock Creek Park. Katherine Barron, Anas Ibdah, Cailin Crook, JoAnn Coleman and John McTyre participated in the hike which raised money for Water For People.



Save the Children

Save the Children's work saves and improves children's lives around the world. They ensure children have healthcare, food and shelter, as well as learning and child protection services when children need it most.

What we did

Save the Children International is HKA’s corporate charity. Each year, we commit to a minimum donation of US$5,000, but we often contribute more through urgent requests and colleague-led fundraising.



Oxfam believes everyone has a right to life and security; to a sustainable livelihood; to be heard; to have an identity; and to have access to basic social services, and work towards making this a reality for vulnerable people throughout the world.

What we did

Director Phil Kienstra and Associate Director Mark Withnall helped raise over AUS$4,000 for Oxfam in the Oxfam Trailwalker, a world-leading team endurance challenge. They worked together with employees from Turner and Townsend to tackle the gruelling 50km distance!



WaterAid is an international charity helping to bring clean water, toilets and hygiene to millions of people throughout the world.

What we did

Colleagues in Australia regularly attend WaterAid Balls throughout the country, with proceeds from the ticket sales going directly to this fantastic international charity, as well as raising awareness around Australia.


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