Martin Hicks


Future Leaders Consulting 2022
Arbitration 2023
Construction 2023
Expert Information
Qualifications BSc in Project Management (Construction)
Contract Experience JCT, NEC
Services Delay & Disruption
Sectors Buildings, Transportation Infrastructure, Industrial & Manufacturing, Power & Utilities
Expert Highlights
  • Widely experienced construction planner and delay expert.
  • Proven as a credible expert witness under cross-examination in international arbitration.
  • Delivers technical, yet compelling, expert reports that clearly and concisely present complex project issues.
  • Experienced across a wide range of sectors.
  • Selected as a Construction Future Leader by Who’s Who Legal.

Martin Hicks is a construction planner with more than 20 years of industry experience. He has been appointed as a delay expert on eight occasions.

Martin Hicks wins praise from market commentators for his ability to quickly grasp details in cases and “to look and think outside of the box while keeping it in the context of the case”.

WWL Experts – Construction – Quantum and Delay – Future Leaders 2022

Martin has given oral evidence under cross-examination on an international arbitration. He has acted as an expert witness on numerous adjudications and assisted in negotiations during mediations. He has also led numerous expert teams engaged in analysing delays to major projects around the world.

Martin has a wide range of experience in construction management, planning, programming, design management and value engineering. His diverse project portfolio includes airports, underground railway transportation, commercial and residential developments, jetties and moorings, leisure facilities, naval bases and power plants.

Martin specialises in programme analysis and is skilled in simplifying large volumes of data to unravel and demystify the critical issues on a project. He has a sound technical knowledge of construction and mechanical and electrical processes and presents his findings in an easily digestible and accessible format.

Clients are consistently impressed with the quality and responsiveness of his work with one stating that his reports are, “now a new benchmark for my expectations from all the professional consultants I work with.” Martin has been selected as a Construction Future Leader by Who’s Who Legal.

Martin has the ability to distil complex analyses into easily digestible formats. He is diligent, smart, detailed and personable. He provides a very thorough analysis but also makes it understandable to a non-expert reader – a rare quality.

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Location London, UK

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