We share best practice and lessons learned with clients and the wider industry from over four decades of industry experience

Across the developed and developing world, the demand is rising for efficient, reliable and clean energy networks and utilities to sustain economic and population growth. At the same time, the pressure to deliver capacity and value for money – often invested from the public purse – is intense.

HKA has an extensive track record supporting power and utility companies, contractors and subcontractors on a vast array of projects. From advising on procurement and governance to investigating and resolving claims and disputes, our people have first-hand experience that encapsulates best practice and lessons learned.

We have seen how contractors take on excessive risk without fully understanding the ramifications or the terms of contracts. Cultural differences can also play a part as the many highly specialised pieces of equipment required by modern power and utility networks bring teams from all over the globe to a project site. Also, new technologies and long lead times for large and sophisticated pieces of plant equipment can lead to significant disruption due to late delivery or clashes in evolving designs.

At HKA, we help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their projects, whether by anticipating and mitigating risks, or assuring a fair and robust and basis for resolving claims and disputes. To do this, our teams draw on multi-disciplinary expertise spanning construction and contract law, delay and quantum analysis, quantity surveying, forensic accounting, and engineering specialisms.

In the power sector, our people have supported some of high-profile power projects worldwide from conventional thermal plants to renewables. Examples include South Africa’s Medupi and Kusile coal power stations, Yanbu Power Plant Phase 3 on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast, and the Andasol 3 Solar power plant in Andalusia, Spain.

Our experience of power technologies includes:

  • Combined-cycle gas turbine
  • Independent water and power plants (IWPPs)
  • Fossil fuels
  • Hydroelectric
  • Nuclear
  • Renewables

HKA has also worked extensively with owners, contractors and supply chain partners responsible for utility infrastructure – from high-voltage transmission networks to water and wastewater, and desalination.

Utility projects we supported have involved:

  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Treatment
  • Storage


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