A party to a contract may invoke their right (under national law or contractual terms) to adjudication by a third party. The process is time-limited, confidential and less expensive than litigation. Based solely on written submissions, the adjudicator makes a decision that is legally binding, with no right to appeal. The parties must comply unless and until the dispute is finally determined by subsequent arbitration, legal proceedings or by agreement.

How our adjudication services can help

HKA offers a comprehensive and flexible adjudication service, and a focused approach to delay, quantum and technical disputes.

Our consultants are highly experienced in managing adjudication proceedings and act in one of four distinct roles to ensure that complex legal issues are dealt with effectively during the adjudication:

  • as lead party representatives for claimants or defendants
  • in an advisory capacity working collaboratively with party-appointed or in-house legal teams providing valuable insight into quantum, delay and technical matters
  • as independent expert witnesses in quantum and/or delay and/or technical matters in order to assist the adjudicator on complex disputes. Our experts are regularly instructed by leading legal firms across the UK on such issues.
  • as adjudicators nominated by the parties or leading Adjudicator Nominating Bodies.

Where a party has failed to comply with an adjudicator’s award, we can help you select the correct legal representation to commence enforcement proceedings in the courts.

In summary, our adjudication service offering includes:

  • performing an initial assessment of the merits of the case
  • advising on necessary details and evidence
  • preparing adjudication submissions
  • acting as party representative
  • acting as advisor in collaboration with legal teams
  • acting as independent expert witnesses
  • acting as adjudicator
  • introducing trusted legal firms to allow enforcement proceedings in the courts.

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