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Disputes over even small issues may quickly escalate, compromising a project and the finances or reputation of those involved. Voluntary mediation can produce a negotiated settlement swiftly, with minimum cost and impact on a construction programme. It is especially useful where the dispute goes across international boundaries as it does not depend on particular laws or jurisdictional concerns.

How our construction mediation services can help

As consultants, our comprehensive command of all technical and legal issues ensures clients benefit from the best available advice.

Where we act as mediator in mediation, both parties can be assured of a fair outcome designed to sustain their relationship so they can move forward.

Based on our unrivalled experience, we developed a unique alternative form of dispute resolution that blends our technical analysis and mediation services. It is called Project Neutral.

Retained jointly, HKA experts objectively assess the matters in dispute and clearly present their findings to both sides. A trained mediator leads our team and our clients’ advisers as they search for imaginative solutions and move towards a negotiated settlement. The Project Neutral approach allows both sides, and their counsel, to maintain control of the process and the resulting settlement.

We also provide advice on further actions to take if a settlement cannot be reached.


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