About Amelia East

Amelia East is an experienced and business-minded leader with a broad range of commercial, financial, infrastructure, transport and implementation experience in global companies, central government and local government. As a qualified solicitor in two jurisdictions, Amelia has a comprehensive understanding of legal systems, contracts and capital works. A seasoned negotiator, Amelia can ensure good outcomes for the entities she represents. She is passionate about leading teams and projects to deliver successful outcomes in dynamic environments with ambitious goals and multiple stakeholders.

What is your role at HKA?

Amelia heads up Advisory Asia Pacific and HKA New Zealand. She leads a team of 100+ consultants and project professionals and works with clients to fix the seemingly unsolvable.

In New Zealand, Amelia is establishing a strategic advisory business that is the go-to for clients and plans to grow our boutique and specialist offering throughout the country. The team will work in both the north and south islands, bringing the best of NZ, Australia, Asia and the world. NZ capacity is augmented with experience from Australia and giving NZ people the experience of that.

“I’m happiest when working to my core values – having a strong focus, collaborating with great people on cool projects, and achieving good outcomes.”

What do you love about what you do?

Infrastructure is not siloed – it’s global – so you get to see what’s happening worldwide and learn from it. There is challenge, variety, travel, and exposure to different people, cultures, and places.

The expertise never stays the same; it’s constantly adapting and evolving, which means we, as consultants, must do the same. I discovered long ago that I like building things, negotiating, solving complex problems, engaging with people, fast-paced work, political environments and delivery, so I’m now in the perfect role!

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