Hunter River Remediation

New South Wales, Australia


Hunter River Remediation scheme downstream of heavy industry.

The excavation, decontamination and disposal of contaminated river sediment affected by over 70 years of heavy industry on the Hunter River in New South Wales, Australia.


Retained as delay expert witness.

What we did

Forensic analysis of dredging and onshore treatment of contaminated sediment to establish the actual effect on the critical path of the additional quantities that required treatment.

The progress of dredging, transportation and treatment operations were each analysed to establish to what extent the additional quantities delayed the completion milestones.

The findings were included in an expert delay report.


The parties reached an amicable settlement incorporating an extension of time based on the HKA analysis.

"Independent forensic analysis can remove the subjectivity and bias that often accompany change on projects.

This type of analysis, with its clear and factual outputs, provides the basis for clients to reach commercial settlements and avoid the considerable cost of arbitration or litigation."
Wendy MacLaughlin
HKA Senior Vice President
Project Details
  • Client
  • Year
    2012 - 2013
  • Value
    US$ 305.5 million
  • Sectors
    Transportation Infrastructure