Major Light Rail Transit

United States


A major Light Rail Transit project in a north American city comprising 13km of new line served by over 12 stations, including a number of underground, and a Maintenance & Storage Facility (MSF).

The joint venture company tasked with constructing the project is engaged in a dispute with its designers in relation to a series of issues concerning the quality and completeness of its designs. It is alleged that errors and omissions have resulted in an increased scope of work, greater costs, and delays to construction.

What we did

The joint venture company sought HKA’s expertise across quantum, engineering and delay services to review a series of specific matters of dispute and to give advice on quantum, technical and scheduling issues.

With a very wide range of technical issues in dispute, HKA was able to draw upon its sizeable pool of experts to rapidly assemble the best team, with vast experience and knowledge of the rail sector, for this project.

With our experts from different disciplines working together from England, Scotland and the United States, we were able to provide a greater depth of understanding when addressing the issues.


HKA experts drafted, prepared and submitted a series of reports which will inform a forthcoming mediation, with the possibility that the dispute will subsequently move to arbitration.

Project Details
  • Client
    Joint venture company
  • Value
    CAD$2 billion
  • Services
    Quantum, Engineering, Architecture & Technical, Delay
  • Sectors
    Transportation Infrastructure